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Where does the money come from and how is it used?

Health project funds come from sponsored ads on Lazy Angel Browser Apps. Roughly 90% of donations and 60% of ad revenue goes to our charity partners. We report nutrition project info and summary financial data to your app and on our blog.

What do the Health Projects fund?

Health Projects are for micronutrient interventions such as vitamin A, zinc, and folate supplementation, iron/iodine fortification, and deworming. In 2008, Bjørn Lomborg and eight leading economists (half Nobel Laureates) ranked these interventions as the most cost-effective aid efforts. About world's #1 cause.

Who administers the grant for the health projects?

The Lazy Angel Grant will typically be administered by CORE Group, a highly respected child health organization. Their members comprise the biggest and best health NGOs in the world.

Where does the money go from there?

About twice a year, we'll issue the grant, monitor progress, and create a Health Project Microsite so you can read stories and see results. Follow this from your bar and on our blog.

How can we be sure?

As all social entrepreneurs should, we keep our books open. Nutrition project info is kept on our blog. We will be publishing summary financial info and links to our charity partner's IRS Form 990s via the apps and blog.

How long does it take to reach a child?

Several months up to a year after you choose a health project. International aid efforts take time but you can follow all of the activity from our blog and from your bar. Here's the process: (1) users see ads and earn health days, (2) Lazy Angel enters a debt for the health claim (3) we receive money from sponsors (sometimes months later), (4) we wait for grant funds to grow, (5) biannually we issue the grant, (6) grant recipients then adjust their programs and budgets, and finally (7) children receive micronutrients.

Are you going to track the websites I visit or sell my personal info?

Definitely not. Neither of those. Never. We don't store any record of the websites you visit nor the searches you make. And we never give away personal info or email addresses to advertisers or 3rd parties.

Who's behind this?

The Lazy Angel movement started with two friends, Rachel and Emile. They told their friends, who told their friends...and now the movement belongs to everyone who is making children healthy by sporting the Lazy Angel Bar.

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